Friday, January 18, 2013

Not the Only One

Why hello there! It's been a while hasn't it? Student teaching four days a week now also means waking up at 6AM four days a week. I just haven't found time in between living life, planning lessons, and grading papers to take pictures of my outfits. But in terms of style, not much has changed anyway--I managed to wear a different sweater and skinny jeans combination everyday this past week. At first when I saw this necklace in the clearance section at Macy's, I chuckled to myself at how ridiculous it was, but then I thought to myself that it would look great with a sweater--and it does, definitely $8 well spent. I am in love with it, and I hope to find more necklaces like it. I've been on a major accessories kick lately, which is good because I definitely don't need anymore clothes and accessories are much cheaper too. Another thing I've been loving lately is wavy hair! I tried this hairstyle for a night out in LA with my friends on Saturday night and it seemed to be a hit because I didn't pay for any of my drinks that night! It's been fun switching up my hair because it's been worn straight down everyday for years. While my style hasn't changed much, I feel like I've changed. It seems that all the little changes that started last year have started to all add up and become noticeable. Things that used to bother me don't really phase me anymore. Overall, I just feel more about ease, free, and happy. I know I've been pretty dead online--here on my blog, on Twitter, and even on Instagram, but I've really just been living my life in the real world. Until I develop a better routine or I go to Disneyland with a friend who's willing to take pictures for me, I think I'm just going to have to post snippets of my outfits like this.

Until next post,
sweater - forever 21
necklace - bcbg from macy's
rings - brandy melville
jeans - gap
shoes - american eagle


  1. i don't mind the snippets of outfits posts like this..
    oh and btw, i love your hair like this too!! so pretty! :D

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  2. Awe, wavy hair is so pretty on you. It sounds like life in 2013 has so far been treating you well and it's lovely to hear about things that have been happening for you. Hope all continues to go your way and good luck with your student teaching! (:

  3. Can you wave your hair more often? Because it's gorgeous on you. Also, yellow is so your color. I love that you're on an accessories kick since it's such an easy way to change up a look without having to buy new clothes (which is so much more expensive). I miss you! Relax this weekend before you have to start waking up at 6 am again! :)

  4. Your hair is majorly pretty in waves! Love your necklace as well, haha I'm always on some kind of accessories kick. I'm glad to see you're enjoying life and you're happy :)

  5. I can't wait to be busy like that, to be graduated and out of school doing field work for speech therapy. Three to four more years for me! But I am digging the more accessories on you. I used to wear necklaces a lot back in HS but I've since stopped. Maybe I should give it a try again - thanks to you!

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  8. I don't mind if your pics go like this =] It still shows how great you are at matching colors =]

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