Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Catching Feelings

I concluded my winter break with a trip to Disneyland with Andrea on Sunday. There was a 60% chance of rain that day, but it ended up being a beautiful day and didn't start sprinkling until we were on our way back to the car. The chance of rain must've scared people away because it wasn't too crowded either. Andrea and I were able to snap pictures undisturbed while we were waiting for our fast passes to be valid. We were even able to rest my camera on top of a trash can to take a picture of us in our matching sweaters without fear of it being snatched away, which made me reminisce back to my pre-tripod days when I first started blogging. It was like finding treasure coming across these sweaters at Forever 21 on New Year's Eve. We had went to find something sparkly or festive to wear for a party later on that night, but we both walked out with just these sweaters. Now every time I'm at F21, I'll be searching for Disney things. As soon as I tried the sweater on in the dressing room, I knew I wanted to layer it over a chambray shirt. This was my first time trying that preppy look and I have to admit--I really like this outfit! I still haven't been able to get out of jeans, but now that I've done the whole colored denim thing, I want to try patterned denim. I still regret not buying a pair of polka dotted jeans while I was at the outlet on Black Friday, but I'm sure I'll find another pair soon enough and hopefully just as cheap. Getting back into fieldwork and school has been a slow transition, but getting to see my students four times a week makes having to watch the sun rise Monday through Thursdays worth it.

Until next post,
sweater - forever 21
chambray shirt - madewell
jeans - gap
shoes - american eagle
rings - brandy melville and madison bleu
watch - nordstrom

photos by andrea and me


  1. Hey Jasmine! Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog :] It's so nice to know that you read through the comments!! Anyway, these pictures are adorable!!! I went to Disneyland this past November (well...full disclosure, EuroDisney, but I get glares when I say that) and it was TOTALLY WICKED!!! So glad that you had an awesome time in your awesome sweaters :]

  2. aaahh so beautiful!!! i love those sweaters!! :D
    gosh, i really want to go to disneyland!!! :D

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  3. The matching Mickey Mouse sweaters are adorable. My best friend is obsessed with Mickey Mouse, I bet he'd love to get a matching sweater with me haha. And finding random trash cans to rest your camera on is the best haha. :)

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  4. p.s. Just did some catching up on some of your posts I've missed out on the last few months. I must say, it has been a pleasure to see you and your style grow. Glad to see you happy. x

  5. That first picture makes my heart so happy. <3 <3 <3

  6. I don't know how a single person gets cuter than you Jasmine, but I'm convinced they can't. YOU ARE ADORABLE. Take me to Disneyland when I come to California? Please? Do I even need to ask? (NO). Also that sweater. I just want a Mickey sweater, really.

  7. So glad to hear your holiday was awesome! And to spend it at Disneyland, no less!! My sister went with her bf and his family as a reunion kind of thing. She came back happy too. But anyways, LOVING the mickey sweater and how you layered it! Too cute, too cute.