Tuesday, October 30, 2012

My Bedroom

Here are some snippets of my bedroom. You might remember that my family did an entire house renovation last year. Each room is now a different color and we got rid of all the carpet. Interior design is just another interest of mine so it was really fun picking paint colors and decorating my room. The only real splurge was my desk. Originally I had wanted to find a huge vintage world map to put over my bed, but since I have a queen sized bed, finding one that was big enough and also cheap was too hard, so I went with the cherry blossom tree. I remember when I lived in Maryland when I was 4, my family and I would visit D.C. when cherry blossoms were in bloom so cherry blossoms have a special place in my heart. I still have to put a sailboat wheel that I thrifted at a flea market last year above my desk, but other than that, I really love my room. We've been making memories in the same house for over 17 years now so this room has seen and known a lot. With my hectic schedule this year, my room is definitely more of a sanctuary than it has ever been. 

Until next post,


  1. agh! the quote placard! the nicely placed bookends! your beautifully organized closet! I love all of this and can't wait to do my own room post. :]

  2. I freaking love your room <3
    Your wardrobe *.* omggg

  3. Love your room! I always love looking at real bedrooms and not ones in magazines because those aren't really realistic. But yours is so cute and quaint, and I love the wall color! I'm always looking for inspiration since I've been trying to redecorate and organize my room for years!

  4. i love the vintage, feminine vibe of your room!! it's so you, jazzy!!! :D