Monday, October 08, 2012

Leave the Pieces

Whoa. Unintentional break from blogging just happened. Last week was just one of those weeks when you started yearning for the weekend 5 minutes into your first class on Monday morning. From having a ghost from the past come back to haunt me, to losing my favorite bracelet, to running late almost everyday, last week definitely kicked me in the butt. I was so thankful that in between the craziness, I was able to hang out with new and old friends. They definitely have been there for me and I love them all! I've met really awesome people in my grad program, and I'm still so lucky to have close friends who I've grown up with me and know me in my past and in my present.

I've been doing a little more shopping than I probably should lately, but I just can't stop with the polka dots. It's definitely on its way to overthrow the stripe dominance in my closet. The last three tops I've bought--all polka dotted, and all from the sale section at Nordstrom, including this one. I really love the scalloped trim around the neckline, and of course the polka dots. This outfit has been my uniform as of late: colored denim, a polka dotted top, cardigan, flats, and this awesome square ring. It's such an easy and comfortable outfit, but I still feel put together at the same time. It's a new goal of mine to get better at accessorizing. This ring is the one ring that doesn't annoy me after a while. I can actually wear it through out the day. Now that it's starting to get a little chilly (aka below 75-degrees), I'm excited to pull on cozy sweaters, tights, and scarves. I have all these outfits in mind, but it's tough having to take pictures on my own. What used to be 5 minute shoots before lunch has turned into a 30 minute ordeal. I just can't keep up with myself. Strangely enough, blogging not so frequently has been liberating. I dress for me, and if I just happen to have time to take pictures, I do. If I don't, at least I know that I liked what I wore that day. And that's how it should be.

Until next post,
cardigan - gap
top - nordstrom
jeans - gap
jewelry - jewelmint
shoes - aldo


  1. this is a great outfit. i love, love LOVE those gray jeans! i think it's great that you're stressing less about blogging, and just doing it for you when it feels right!

  2. You look AMAZING in those jeans, seriously. They fit you perfectly. I'm a little jealous :p

    I know what you mean about the week kicking your butt, my MacBook Pro charger died aka spent $89 on that, sister's MacBook crashed so I naturally became paranoid, spent $112 on an external hard drive... yes. It's been one of THOSE weeks.

    GOOD NEWS? We might actually survive this craziness.

    Blogging when you feel like it is probably the one thing I've learned after blogging for way too long. It's nice. Plus, the whole purpose of starting the blog was so I could have an outlet for everything and anything.

    I hope this next week treats you better ;) HAPPY CANADIAN THANKSGIVING! xo

  3. AW yay PANTS. I've been wearing pants so often lately. You ROCK it, girl. I love you in pants. You look so grown up and sophisticated in this outfit-- just as you wanted entering grad school :)

    You should know, I chickened out on the tripod today. Drove to a location, saw there were tons of cars, and came right back home. UGHHH

  4. I'm loving that square ring! Sadly when I moved abroad for the semester, I couldn't bring any of my rings - only scarves and necklaces. I have to say though, if you're having trouble accessorizing, try to "display" your accessories in a more available place. (I have all my necklaces on my corkboard over my desk and hang all my scarves on my ladder up to my loft bed.) That way, you see them as you're heading out the door and it's easier to grab them! :]

  5. I love those gray skinnies on you, you're totally rocking them! And I love how your shirt adds a pop of color to your outfit! Don't worry, we all have those weeks, and sometimes we need a break from blogging to view blogging from a different perspective, that blogging isn't a daily chore but more of an escape and creative outlet :)

  6. You look great! The pants look terrific on you—makes me wanna buy a whole bunch of skinny jeans :)

  7. I love that ring. It's beautiful!