Thursday, October 18, 2012

Built to Break

You know it's been a long week when you've worn the dress and cardigan combo twice so far. It's just the easiest outfit to put together when there's no time to be frustrated with your closet.

My days have been really long lately. I haven't caught a sunset in a while. By the time, I'm able to catch a break, it's dark outside again. For me, that's a little weird. Not only because I love sunsets that much, but I just think I need to see the sky go from light to dark to simulate my mind going from hectic to calm at night. I've been plagued with sleepless nights and early mornings. Things have just been out of sync lately and I just haven't been feeling like myself. I got a little teary-eyed when a song about not giving up came on the radio on the drive home. I'm definitely looking forward to going to the beach on Friday and then spending the weekend in LA with two of my closest friends. I just have to make it to 4PM tomorrow.

Here's to the weekend!

Until next post,
dress - h&m
cardigan - h&m
belt - h&m
watch - nordstrom
ring - jewelmint
bracelet - etsy
shoes - aldo


  1. Jasmine!! Oh my gosh its been forever and you are looking cute as always. LOVE the stripes and mustard :) I hope you are doing well, whats new with you lady?! Fill a sister in. love love. x

  2. You look gorgeous, Jazzy. I know what you mean by out of sync, that's been me lately too. SAD? MAYBE? By that I mean Seasonal Affective Disorder.. I'm pretty sure I've convinced myself I have that, when I really don't.

    Cheer up :o) Have lots of hot choco (w/ marshmallows of course), and hang out in your jimmy jams. Lots of love!! xo

  3. that mint belt just totally made my day!!! i love it! :D
    hope your weekend is doing well! :D

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