Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Changes Coming to TW

I said in my last post that I've been rethinking the content of my blog, and all this rethinking has made me excited about blogging again! I'm still going to have the regular outfit posts, but wearing pretty things is not all there is to me and my life. I mentioned that I might want to incorporate teaching, writing, and photography into my blog, and I mean to do that. I'm going to start two weekly series, and a monthly one.

Photo Fridays: This is going to be the first one I start, hopefully this week! I remember one of the reasons I started this blog was to improve my photography skills, and for the first year of my blog, I took all my photos by myself. Then when Robert started taking my pictures for me, I spent more time in front of the camera when often times I prefer to be behind it. So now that he's leaving soon, I'll get a chance to do both. Remember the days when I wanted to pursue a career in photography and did wedding gigs for a while? While my career path has changed, my interest in and love for photography have not. Besides what's the point in having a DSLR if you're just going to use it to capture your outfits? I am so lucky to live in gorgeous Southern California. It's time that I start capturing its beauty once again.

Teaching Tuesdays: This is one I wish I had started earlier. It would've been nice to look back to see past mistakes, experiences, and lessons learned since I started working with kids, but I'm really excited to start this one when I begin my fieldwork and student teaching in the Fall. Until then, I think I'll write a post to wrap up my experience working in after-school programs for the past two years, and maybe about some things I'll learn in my Summer classes.

Monthly Fun Money: Tomorrow is my last day at my current job, and so starting next month I'll be sticking to a monthly budget of $50. I call this my "fun money" because it can be used on just about anything I want: clothes, movies, books, going out, etc. This is going to be hard for me since I'm used to shopping and being able to buy things and do things I like, but I'm kind of excited for this. This is going to be good for me. No more impulse shopping for me! I'll be keeping tabs on this allocated money every month and recapping it here. I'm allowing unused money to be rolled over to the next, but I cannot get an advance from future months. I'm going to be the cliche poor grad student, and I'm super determined to stick to this budget.

I had so many other ideas, but for now, I just want to stick to these three before I take on anymore. The weekly series may become biweekly if grad school really is as rigorous as people made it out to be, but I hope that you're all excited about these changes coming to Transient Withdrawal as I am. I started this blog to be my little escape from reality (hence the name); but slowly, this blog has become a huge part of my real life, and so I want my real life to be a huge part of my blog. My priorities and interests are shifting, and I feel like my blog should shift with them. A big reason why I wanted to be single was so I can find and love myself again, and I just know that in doing the things I love will help me be...well, me! 

Until next post,


  1. The ideas sound great; I look forward to reading about them!

  2. The "Fun Money" budget is a great idea. That's exactly how I budget my impulse and frivolous expenses too, except I'm a little tougher on myself at only $40/month. :) Good luck.

  3. Love these ideas Jazzy, I can't wait to see all of these new posts :) I really should try to budget myself as well, I spent a whole ton of money last month (a lot on food, I'm a foodie, and I eat a lot). Perhaps I should do the same as you? I could learn a lesson or two. I used to be amazing and limiting myself to only $20 a month. My bags were always filled with food though.. heh.