Monday, June 25, 2012

Short Summer

Summer is officially here and I am loving it! I hope you guys aren't sick of the beach pictures already, because I am determined to visit it as much as possible this Summer. It's one of the few addictions that I can actually afford to keep. This is the outfit I wore last Friday to the Newport Pier. I have been living in loose t-shirts and high-waisted shorts lately. I feel so much more free in shorts than in dresses or skirts. Unlike in skirts, I can run, hop, skip, and even sit worry-free! I picked this pair up from J. Crew recently when they were having a 30% additional off sale items sale two weeks ago. I wish I owned a neon or a bright colored belt to brighten this outfit up, but I realized that I don't wear this belt (or a lot of my belts) enough. While we were out on that day, Robert told me that I looked better on days when I don't try so hard. He also told me that he likes how simple my style has become. And I think I have to agree with him. I feel most like myself in casual, relaxed, and simple outfits like this. I'm slowly pushing the words "blog worthy" out of my mind, because everything should be and is "blog worthy."

Until next post,
t-shirt - h&m
shorts - j crew
belt - anthropologie
flower hair clip - h&m
sunglasses - raybans


  1. I love that last sentence. You're right - everything IS blog worthy. Unlike other bloggers you are real!

  2. I'll never get sick of beach pictures! I love this casual look, perfect for a day at the beach!

  3. You are looking quite fantastic in your summer shorts:) Glad to have finally been able to catch up on your blog and read all the wonderful things you had to say. Especially about getting back to the roots of style/personal blogging.

    I'm quite content that I never really monetized my blog because the last 3 months have been difficult to stay near a computer. Can you imagine flack a blogger would get if she/he wasn't writing regular posts about companies they already made a relationship with?