Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Lone Ranger

Happy Belated Halloween everyone!
So I hope you do get my costume because the kids at my workplace did not, which made me super sad because I might as well have just showed up to work in normal clothes (and because they don't know who Power Rangers are!). I was going to go as Minnie Mouse because I've had the Minnie Mouse ears since I was a kid from one of my early trips to Disneyland, but a lot of people went as Minnie Mouse this year over the weekend. And when I went to Hot Topic I couldn't resist becoming one of my favorite childhood heroes. I was going to go all out, but I couldn't find a pair of yellow leggings and yellow shorts anywhere--which might be what threw off the kids. I'll definitely plan it better next year. I really hope you all had a wonderful Halloween weekend and night!

Until next post,
power ranger top - hot topic
heart belt - zara
yellow skirt - h&m (via swap with chloe)
shoes - urban outfitters
bow - etsy


  1. AHHOWIHOIWHEGOIWEIO YES! Hahaha you look SO cute! I love your costume, so quintessentially Jazzy <3!!

  2. go go power rangers!!
    heck yeah! i love this outfit.
    you look absolutely adorable.

  3. totally morphinominal!! haha such an awesome costume!
    i loooooved the power rangers! i was always the pink one and my cousin the yellow one.

  4. haha I can't believe they don't know the Power Rangers. Cute shoes too!


  5. OMG YELLOW RANGER!!!! GO GO POWER RANGERS!!! Ahhh this brings back so many memories. I love retro (is the 90s considered retro??) Halloween costumes. Lady Gaga what?!? :D


  6. I know who the Power Rangers are! I also remember that the boys in school copied them and then we had to make our parents sign a letter that said that we weren't allowed to watch that show anymore. so lame. x

  7. aw, this is really cute! is that little flowers on the skirt?

  8. You are adorable and I love this costume! Those kids are ridiculous, not knowing who the power rangers are. They're missing out. :P

  9. love all the yellow!!

  10. I love this so much! You look adorable in your costume! :)

  11. I absolutely love this look, super cute skirt <3