Monday, May 17, 2010

Aimi Boutique Giveaway

Giveaway Closed on May 23, 2010 at 12:00 A.M. PST.

Whenever I wear my pocket watch necklace, I get so many compliments on it. It's also super functional because I don't have to dig through my enormous bag for my cell phone to get the time. Now one of my lucky readers has a chance to win one of his/her very own!

I'm happy to present this giveaway from my very first sponsor, Aimi Boutique. I found Aimi through Etsy when I bought both the robot necklace and the tea pot necklace. Her store offers cute accessories and clothing from Japan and Korea at great prices (ie. necklaces are $10 and under; rings are $3 and under). She is currently having a major sale where everything is 50% off. You can use the promotional code: "MrZ2010" for an extra 10% off! So go check out her store and you too will find everything so irresistibly adorable!

Aimi Boutique Giveaway Requirements:
1. Leave a comment with your name and email address.
2. Visit Aimi Boutique and tell me your favorite item.
3. Tell me your favorite time of day.

Bonus Entries (leave each in a separate comment):
1. Follow my blog via google friend follower or bloglovin'.
2. Follow the Aimi Boutique blog to get the inside scoop on her giveaways and to preview items she'll be adding to her shop.

This giveaway is open globally and will end on Sunday, May 23, 2010 at 12am PST. The winner will be chosen randomly through a random number generator.

Good luck!


  1. Emily~

    My favorite item (it was so hard to pick!) was the Lovely Colorful Lace Dress Blue with belt.

    My favorite time of day is mid-afternoon, around 2:00. (:

  2. Yay for giveaways! Haha you know my email Jasmine! I really like the white lace dress with the flounce collar, and my favorite time of the day is probably early evening because that's when the weather is perfect and the sun is just going down! Plus it's around dinnertime :)

  3. Alice :)

    So hard to choose a favorite item! They all have that super cute asian style that I wish I could pull off.. but I think my favorite is the Lace Flower Dress in grey.

    My favorite time of day.. is either around 10-11 AM when the sun is out but it's not too hot yet, or right around dusk when it's cool and you can start to hear the crickets chirping.

  4. All of the things at her shop are adorable! But i especially loooove "Yun-ho Style - Vintage pocket watch necklac". I've just always been enamored with pocket watches!
    As for my favorite time of day, I'd have to say the time between twilight and dusk, when the sun has yet to reach the horizion, but has already gone past the tree line.


  5. what a cute giveaway!!
    my favourite item from her shop is the bowtie embellishment flat shoes!

    and my favourite time of the day is 5 pm because thats when I finish work and go home :)

  6. Aliyah

    Everything is cute but I really like the "Pockets-front School-bag Pattern T-Shirt"!
    My favorite time of day is really late at night, after midnight when everyone else is asleep =]

  7. My favorite time of day is 10 am when it's nice and sunny out!

    I love the red vintage mini camera necklace.


    Chic on the Cheap

  8. Kathyrine:

    I like the front pocket casual multifunction bag, because I love things that are multifunctional! :)
    Though I love that necklace too~! I'm a big fan of TVXQ and "U-Know" Yunho! And I love watches!

    Great giveaway! *crosses fingers*

  9. these are so cute! My fave is definitely the teapot necklace!
    My favorite time of the day is around 7:30 am...because my husband is about to leave for work, but he always comes back to bed and cuddles me for a few minutes! Sometimes I wake up and catch him doing it! :)

  10. AHHH JAZZY THIS IS TOO ADORABLE. I've been wondering where you got all of that. P.S.- I plan on sending you a little package sometime soon ;) Look forward to it! I'm absolutely smitten with the skirt-hem cake lace shorts, who doesn't love scalloped edges and lace?!?! Such a brilliant article of clothing :) My favourite time of day is definitely 5:30 pm, it's when it's not too cold or too hot out, and everything just seems.. perfect!

  11. aaahh!!!! thanks for showing me the site!!! they have way too adorable things!! :D i might have to try and get some pieces myself. anyway, i wanna join the giveaway for sure!

    1. sybil: libys11(at)yahoo(dot)com
    2. my favorite item is the bowtie embellished flat shoes!!! super cute!!
    3. i love sunsets.. they're peaceful, beautiful and just breath taking..

  12. oh.. and of course, im an avid follower of your blog, dear!!!


  13. 1. Chloe Davis
    2. I love the bow tie embellished flat shoes
    3. My favourite time of the day is either first thing in the morning, especially on those days you don't have to get up for anything. Or in the afternoon around 5 The setting sun shines right through my whole apartment and it glows orange, its amazing.

    - I am following you via google friend finder and blog lovin.

  14. i would have to say the Owl Sweater Necklace. i am a huge owl fan and this little guy is just so cute.

    i think my favorite time of day is 8 am. i love the light in my apartment and just the feeling of a new day.


    jill at jill erwich dot come

  15. and i am a follower of you blog because it is awesome because you are awesome.

  16. my favorite is that watch - i was concidering buying it but i didn't know if it would fit as a necklace - and little alice-in-wonderland-ish teapot! i am searching for a clock like that for a long time now, my mother actually bought one for me, but it is silver-ish, with sparkling diamod-ish parts and not my style, so i'm wearing in only on business meetings.. :(
    my favorite time of day is late (summer :) afternoon. by the sea! ok, that's favorite time in a favorite place, but i hope it counts :)

    sanapb @

  17. i am so much in love with the velvet rabbit ears long coat in coffee :]
    i think it's freakin adorable and looks really comfy to cuddle in x] [[too bad winter is over >____<]]

    rosslyn [[]]

  18. Christina

    Oh man, there were SO many items. I LOVE LOVE LOVE accessories, so I liked ALL of them, but if I had to choose, it would be the teapot necklace...and the pocket watch necklace!! I really couldn't just choose one.

    And, my favorite time of day is dusk!

  19. the fashion zip top closure bag is my fave

    and my fave time of the day is at night cause i am more alert then hahaha

    :D ps lovely necklace!

  20. Just found your blog through Tieka's and am SO glad I did.
    I love the look of Aimi Boutique but I'd be too scared to buy any clothing from them in regards to size. My favourite things is the embellishment dress. How gorgeous! If I could be sure it fit me I would buy it in a heartbeat!

  21. Now following, oh and my fave time of day is 5pm - that's when I get to go home and see my guy every day :)

  22. My name is Tiffany and my email is

    My favourite time of day is any even number that ends in :00. (2:00, 4:00..etc). I don't like odd numbers, they make me nervous. And there's something very neat looking about ":00".

    I LOVE the panda shorts on her site!!

  23. 1. name is Charlotte. E-mail is: favourite product would have to be this:
    because I've looked for a bag like that for ages. And it has both a long strap and two hand-thingies.. (I am Norwegian, so don't know all the words xC )
    3. My favourite time of the day is when I wake up. Because the house is silent, and the birds are waking up. And the sun is shining true my window.

  24. What a great giveaway, thank you!

    1) My name is is elnajay at gmail dot com.

    2) I really love the dresses in the Aimi Boutique, especially the Sweetly Lotus Dress.

    3) Favorite time of day...early morning (maybe around 8 or 9), when the sun has been up for a little bit and it's bright and getting warm and I tend to get a lot of things done. (Or else I'm sleeping. Which is good too!)

    And I am also a follower! :)

  25. What a wonderful giveaway! I also must say your blog is looking gorgeous right now! So, I'm a sucker for pendant necklaces, and I adore the Mini Glasses Vintage Sweater Necklace. Fave time of day: late night! Annie.


  26. And for the extra entry: I follow you via Google Friend Connect and Bloglovin. Annie.

  27. And for that third entry: I'm now following the Aimi Boutique blog via Google Friend Connect. Annie.

  28. Aimi Boutique looks adorable! I am often too tall for clothes overseas, though. :( Also, sjdhfsdjkfhdjks I've wanted a pocket watch necklace for so long!!!

    1. Mitzi Cocoa (
    2. omg, I love the Lacing Collar Bow Knit blouse.
    3. Probably 1 a.m. I'm a night time type of lady.

  29. For a second entry, of course I follow your blog!

  30. For a third entry I'm following the Aimi Boutique blog!