Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spring Giveaway

Giveaway closed on April 01, 2010 at 12 A.M.

I am starting to feel rested and refreshed! Thank you all for your sweet and encouraging comments on my last post. I went shopping yesterday with my bestie and while I didn't really buy anything, I did try on different looks. I just haven't found that thing yet...maybe today :) I did find something for this giveaway though...


Photobucket Photobucket

To celebrate the coming of Spring and my reaching of 100 followers, the winner of this Spring Giveaway will receive:
1. A red graphic tote from American Eagle Outfitters

I bought this tote a looong time ago, but never really got around to using it. It's a bit beat up from going through cycles of closet-cleaning, but I was just never able to let it go. But I'm sure one of you would make better use of it! With the cool sunset print, it'd be the perfect beach bag this summer!

2. Vintage Bib Necklace that I won via Chictopia Rewards
3. Vintage Bangle that I won via Chictopia Rewards

I tried to style these but they're just not me! Maybe the next person can give it a go! Though the bangle does make an amazing paper weight...

4. Bow Earrings from Charlotte Russe

I bought these yesterday. Since my ears are
not pierced, I want to style these vicariously through the lucky winner :) They're so cute! Ah!

Spring Giveaway Requirements:
1. Leave your name and your email address.
2. Because this giveaway is to thank my followers, you must be a follower (either thru google reader or bloglovin').
3. Tell me your favorite flower (mine is the sunflower!).
4. Canada and U.S. residents only! Sorry to my international readers, maybe next time!

The winner will be randomly chosen through

Giveaway will end on April 01, 2010.

Good luck!


  1. Alyssa

  2. Kathyrine -

    My favorite flower is the Chrysanthemum after the little mouse girl in the story! :)

  3. Samantha

  4. Hi beauty,

    I've been loving your posts lately but have been to busy to comment! And now I'm greedily commenting on this giveaway post :( But I'm always happy to read your honest, thoughtful blog posts full of beautiful images and outfits.

    and yay for this giveaway!

    xo jenny

    (jennybagel (at) gmail(dot)com

  5. Emily K.
    Of course I'm a follower:)
    my fave flowers are tulips

  6. Monique

    My favorite flower is the daisy! They always brighten my day.

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  8. Melissa - mangoesfromaustralia(at)gmail(dot)com

    LOVE that necklace! favorite flower is definitely purple irises. beautiful.

  9. Allysyn
    yellow roses =)

    Good luck finding that thing!

  10. What a great give away. Thanks for including Canada!

    Shelby Petersen

  11. Hannah
    I'm following you on bloglovin'. I'm glad you are enjoying your spring break!

    It's hard to pick a favorite flower because I love flowers and it's spring! But I love when my husband gives me roses. Any color.

  12. Awww this giveaway is adorable! I'm especially loving those adorable bow earrings. :)

    And I just thought of a great idea for our next dynamic duo! I have a necklace that I can style and then send it over to you to style! I won it through a giveaway and it's taking me forever to figure out how to wear it without looking ridiculous. Let me know if you're up for it! (and you can keep it for good once it gets over to CA) ;)

  13. Aww too bad it's not open to international readers, I love everything in this giveaway! Ahh. <3

    Wow, do you still plan on getting your ears pierced? I'm not a very "earring person" myself but I can't imagine not even having the option! Haha

  14. Congratulations on the 100+ followers...and what a lovely, thoughtful giveaway! My favorite flowers, at least this time of year, are probably tulips.

    My email is elnajay at gmail dot com, and I've been following you through Google Friend Connect (though I actually just had to change the name so it was properly connected to my Blogger profile, oops). I've really been enjoying following your blog!

  15. Yay a giveaway! I remember how jealous I was when you got that necklace from Chictopia,hahaha. So here's my only chance to redeem it!:)

    My favorite flower would be Gerbera Daisy. I love them in every color, they're the perfect summer flower!

    Goodluck finding that "thing" :)

  16. Shannon,

    Follower via Google reader.

    Sunflower! For real! I was so excited when you said that your favorite flower was also the sunflower! I love how yellow and sunny they are :)

  17. sybil

    fave flower: gerberas!!! i had 18 gerberas in my debut instead of roses! :D

  18. Roya

    Follower via Google.

    I really like Lillies =)

  19. Those flower earrings are so cute!!
    My favorite flower is the bleeding heart, and I'm a follower via google.


    Chic on the Cheap

  20. Samantha

    So excited about the giveaway :)

  21. Tina(

    follower via google

    my favorite flower is the rose.

  22. I'm a follower :) Great spring giveaway! That necklace is gorgeous!

    My favorite flowers are yellow roses. They look so happy and smell so sweet.

  23. What a fabulous giveaway! I adore that necklace so much. I need to check out this Chictopia thing.

    My favorite flowers are orchids. I have them in teapots at my wedding. I think they are delightful little things.

    I am now a happy follower.

    p.s. Be sure to check out my lovely little giveaway as well my dear!