Monday, March 22, 2010


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Hi everyone.
I'm so sorry for the absence, especially during spring break. It's inexcusable, really. But I'm sort of going through a lot right now. There's just so much to do and yet I find myself being bored a lot. It's safe to say that I'm just not feeling up to dressing up these days...I've been living in my striped tops, but in a not-so-chic way. It's just been a striped top, shorts, and shoes; so you're not missing too much...

I've been in that closet-full-of-clothes-but-nothing-to-wear-phase for about a week now and it doesn't seem to be letting up either. I don't understand why...It's officially Spring and the weather has been amazing lately! I think I'm becoming a one-trick-pony: I'm the girl in stripes or the girl with the bow in her hair. I think I've boxed myself into this niche by hoarding striped tops and bows for about a year now. As much as I love having my own signature style, I think I need a change...I haven't experimented with different looks in a while. No worries I won't turn into edgy and come back in all-black, because that's just not me. I think I just need to inject some...thing into my outfits. I'm not sure what it is...Shopping is definitely necessary this week.

Look forward to a discussion post and a giveaway this week. Hopefully I find what I need when Robert takes me shopping today Wednesday so I can get back into posting outfits.

Thanks for understanding!

Until next post,

Currently obsessed with these songs:
1. Begin Again -- Colbie Caillat
2. The End -- Jason Reeves


  1. Since I'm turning 30 this year I've realized that my style needs to change. I can't dress like a teenager anymore so when I used my weightloss as an excuse to go shopping I tried to buy things more mature but still fit my taste and style. My closet is full of romantic clothing and I'm okay with that. My style has changed and I'm embracing it.

  2. That's okay Jasmine, I know I love seeing you in your striped tops and bows! However, there's nothing like a new piece to pull you out of your rut, or even inspiration online can make you want to wear your iconic items but maybe in a different twist! Haha and you shouldn't worry about wearing clothes to please us, just wear what makes you comfortable! Yay for spring break, ours doesn't start until next week unfortunately :(

  3. aaww dear!!! *hugs* to you!!! i've been in a rut lately too.. too lazy to take outfit photos and as much as i have these new clothes to wear with the weather getting better, i've been so bummed out. hohum..

    things will get better! :D

  4. ah, i actually haven't been dressing up to take outfit pictures recently either. i think the stress, busy work, and rainy weather has got me stuck in sweat pants, jeans, and t-shirts. :( i know exactly what you mean. i stare at my closet and nothing seems to work! i better get back in the swing of things soon. and hey, you wouldn't be jasmine if you didn't have at least some bows and stripes in your outfit posts! i hope you get some inspiration when you go shopping with robert and i can't wait to see another outfit post! :)

    i'm off to go youtube those songs now haha

  5. I can't wait to see what you come up with Jasmine! Its always fun to go for another look, but be able to mix it up with styles one's worn before.

  6. Well I wish I could take you shopping to help you break into something different, but I think the stripes and the bows work for you. We all have our shtick. Mine is skirts and cardigans (I know I wear tons of those).

    Here's to new inspiration and to life getting less hectic for you:)

  7. I love your cute style with striped tops and bows! It's so you. And you should stick to what you really love! We're all here because we love seeing your cute styles and looking at your amazing photos and reading about your darling life!

  8. Check out this interview Jason Reeves did with stuff! -

  9. Aww we all go through that Jas! I hope you feel inspired soon, I really miss your posts! (:

  10. you're definitely not a one trick pony. you stay true to your personal style and that is what makes you stand out :) can't wait for your future posts. miss you! :D

  11. If you are a one trick pony, I digg you like that. I always love your photos and coming to your blog! Dont worry. I love striped shirts and bows and I especially love them on you! Have fun shopping though..go nuts! x