Monday, November 19, 2012

Against the Current

I have taking self-shots down to a science now. I actually rather enjoy getting that time to myself to focus on something other than school and fieldwork even if I probably look crazy to people passing by. I hope during Thanksgiving break I'll be able to get in a few shoots in and in different locations other than my local park. I took these near the railroad tracks over the weekend. I really need to start wearing these boots more often. I find myself stomping the ground a little harder while I walk when I wear them. This Fall season I've been really enjoying wearing scarves. They're just so cozy! I used to not be a fan of infinity scarves, but this one doesn't sit awkwardly on me and it helped that it was only $9 at Nordstroms. With these boots and a scarf, I definitely look and feel more Fall.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I spent all weekend watching The Walking Dead even though my plan was to get all the work that's due after Thanksgiving finished, but sometimes, you just need a bed-couch weekend to watch a show about a zombie apocalypse. I just need to get through one class today and my six-day Thanksgiving break begins!

Until next post,
cardigan - h&m
t-shirt - stylemint
scarf - nordstroms
belt - h&m
skirt - urban outfitters
shoes - topshop


  1. The boots are back! I always love it when you whip them out of your closet - so perfect on you. And yay for scarf weather as well! I feel the same way about self-portraits though. It's always nice to have that time to yourself and to put all your focus on taking pictures.

    I keep meaning to start watching The Walking Dead but I'm debating between that and Breaking Bad. Ahhh! Have fun on your Thanksgiving break! :)

  2. jazzy!!! i have to agree, you should wear those boots more often!! maybe with your new found love for jeans??!! :D

    i hear yah on taking photos. i only take mine in our front yard and i still get the weird looks sometimes from our neighbours. hahaha!

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