Sunday, July 01, 2012

Not Over You

After a week of wearing t-shirts and high-waisted shorts and of being stuck in a classroom with no windows, it felt so good to be outside in the gorgeous sunshine in a breezy dress. I forgot how many dresses I actually do own, and how easy they are to wear and to style. I wore this out for a quick studying break with Robert on Friday. I had spent most of the late morning and early afternoon studying for the GREs (which I just took yesterday), so Robert picked me up from Starbucks and we headed for the beach. But we never made it to there. We made a permanent detour at Fashion Island, where we both walked away with a little less money in our wallets and each with a new top. I'm a little nervous about shopping now that my monthly fun money of $50 begins today, but after the hectic first week of grad school, it doesn't seem like I'll have too much time to spend on wishlists anyways. I'm pretty sure this month's allocated money is going towards a pair of sandals. As comfy as these sandals are, they're aren't the chicest so hopefully I can find a cheap, but good quality pair for the Summer. I've been wearing my hair like this all week: a braid and a hair accessory. I love this ice cream one that I got from Etsy a long while ago.

Until next post,
dress - forever 21
cardigan - gap
purse - madewell
sandals - cotton on
ice cream hair pin - etsy
belt - forever 21 (gift from jen)


  1. What an adorable dress! I love this look, Jasmine!
    Hope grad school is treating you well and not making you too too busy, lady :)