Thursday, July 12, 2012

Sleeveless in California

One of the perks of being a student right now is that every weekend is a three-day weekend. I only have classes Monday thru Thursdays; albeit those days are pretty hectic, but getting a three-day weekend makes it worth it. Fridays are usually the days where I rest and relax since every other day of the week is devoted to school, even the real weekend days like Saturday and Sunday. Last Friday, I spent the day with my friend, Andrea. I've known her since middle school! We ate In-N-Out; went to the Newport Beach library where I bought a used book for 50 cents; got Sprinkles cupcakes; and lounged at the beach. The beach is always the perfect medicine after a long week of school.

Prior to going to the beach, I tweeted about whether that day was going to be the day I finally went sleeveless without covering up. And it was. I absolutely adore this top. I wouldn't have debuted my flabby arms any other way. It was the perfect beach cover-up that day, but I know it'll work well for school too. It has taken me a long while to get to this point--to be comfortable with my arms. Now I still have a long ways to go in the self-confidence department, but for me, this is a pretty big step. It sounds kinda funny reading what I just wrote, but we all have body parts that we dislike (though for me, I have more dislikes than likes, but I'm working on it!). Except for all the junk I ate on this particular day, I'm really trying to continue my weight loss journey whenever I'm not buried in articles: swimming laps at night, bringing fruit and nuts to class, etc. Losing 25 pounds was easily the hardest, yet best thing to happen last year. Now that I'm in this new chapter of my life being a single, grad student, I just want to leave more of the old me behind.

Until next post,
top - brandy melville
belt - h&m
shorts - gap
sunglasses - raybans 
hair pin - etsy
watch - nordstroms
bikini (underneath) - forever 21

photos by andrea


  1. Congrats on the weight loss, what a significant achievement. I am very self-conscious as well, but I realize that my own insecurities are really petty problems compared to "real" problems other people have.

  2. I can't wait to read about your new journey as the 'new you'. :D
    Anyways, about the outfit - it's very California-chic. I love it. It's trendy while still remaining 'your style'!

  3. Omgsh you look so lovely in that top! Great that you went bare arm : )
    I love that you are slowly building your confidence! Flaunt yourself. You are beautiful! <3


  4. Girl I didn't even noticed your were wearing a sleeveless top. You look great. No worries!

  5. Flabby arms? I disagree. You look amazing :)

    Also, 3 day weekends? I'm jealous. I haven't had an actual relaxing weekend in a long time, but the life of a student, right?

    I hope school is treating you well! xo

  6. I'M SO PROUD!! You already know that I think you're one of the most gorgeous ladies in the world but realizing that for ourselves, as individuals, is so hard and I think this step for you is such a healthy and beautiful one. You look amazing!!!!!! You make me want to try something similar (my arms are my biggest insecurity!). You're perfect already, but I understand wanting to leave the old you behind and move into the future with motivation and energy. I'm kind of in the same place and it feels GOOD!

  7. were apprehensive about wearing a sleeveless top that day?!?? i couldn't even tell, plus you looked CUTE!! i'm glad the photos turned out okay (esp the ice cream cone one that took ages!!), even though i look so dorky in that other one. bahha! we'll have to go back with lisa some time. i'll always overlook my hatred of sand for you guys :D

  8. SLEEVELESS! I'm so glad you decided to go with the shirt because it's absolutely gorgeous. I can see your farmer's tan from wearing sleeves all the time. ;) I'm loving theses photos, especially the one of you and Andrea. You two are adorable.

    I miss you and one day I'll be at that beach! I know it! :D