Monday, July 16, 2012

Carry On

I wore this last week for a date outing before my four o'clock class. Robert and I grabbed breakfast, watched Spiderman (which was really good!), and did a bit of window-shopping. I've been a little mopey lately. Even though I'm really enjoying school, I hate being unemployed. I just feel so useless not making any money. I must've inherited my parents' workaholic ways. I probably don't even have time to work, but if I could just find a (really) part time job, I think I'd be a lot calmer. It is silly right? To be so uneasy about not working while going being a full-time grad student? I can't help it though. I've worked since I was in high school, and I love having my own money to spend as I wish. The monthly fun money budget I've set for myself is hard--either I want to spend all of it or none of it at all. So far I've spent less than $10 total on a used book and some Polaroid film. The budget is doing its job though of making me really think about what I buy. It's just a lifestyle I'm going to have to adapt to, and hopefully soon. I just keep telling myself that it could be a lot worse and to be grateful for what I do have--a supportive family, wonderful friends, gorgeous weather, and easy access to the beach. That's all I really need anyway!

Until next post,
top - gap
belt - charlotte russe
skirt - urban outfitters
bag - madewell
shoes - aldo
watch - nordstroms


  1. I don't think that's silly at all, Jasmine– maybe I'm the same about being a workaholic, but I've always found it lovely to have a little bit of pocket funds to spend or save as you will. Also, it's a bit calming to go to work after busy school weeks or times when I feel frustrated with my assignments. Good to hear that you're enjoying school and I hope things continue to get better! xx

  2. same. :)

    I like that dainty belt!