Friday, April 30, 2010

Bump in the Road

Hi everyone!
Sorry for the absence; I've been feeling a little lost lately. I'm constantly tired and dissatisfied, and consequently constantly in a horrible mood. Robert's been a trooper putting up with all my demands and my mood swings. I don't even wanna know how worse off I'd be without him. My emotions have been like a pendulum--swinging back and forth between two extremes. It's exhausting. All I've been wanting to do is get lost in reality TV and movies so I don't have to face this mundane and stressful life I have. My life is so boring compared to some of the other bloggers; and while yes, this blog is supposed to be an escape from that mundane and stressful life, we can only escape so much...Ugh, I don't really know what I'm talking about...Onto my outfit!


(wearing: everything is from urban outfitters; except the oxford flats which are from payless)

My red bag is alive and well! Last week, my wayfers broke so of course as a California-girl, I needed to replace them immediately! When I got to Urban Outfitters, I was torn between the pair I had before and these pair, so...eventually I got both. I rather like these pair: they're like a mix of a pair of wayfers and a pair of aviators with the unframed metal bottom. I think sunglasses just add an instant cool to any outfit, so I never leave the house without them.



I also bought my first peter-pan collared top! I've been waiting for this top to go on sale and finally my patience paid off! Every time I see an outfit with a peter-pan collar, I go nuts! Don't you just wish they made detachable peter-pan collars so you can add them to any top? I'm pretty sure this will be the first of many to come...

Oh! And do you like the new layout? I did it during one of my insomniac, moody nights. If only I could be this productive on other nights..hopefully I will in the next few days since I have two midterms next week. I can't believe this is the last day of April. Summer is so close I can taste it!

Hope everyone is doing well!

Until next post,

Songs I've been digging:
1. Alive -- Leona Lewis
2. A Beautiful Day -- India Arie
3. Breakeven -- The Script
4. Airplanes -- B.O.B ft. Hayley Williams and Eminem
5. Won't Even Start -- David Choi

PS. Jen gave me the heads up that Hautelook is having a sale on American Apparel things right now! Everything is pretty much under $20! Eek! Go, go, go!!!


  1. Aww I felt it too recently that I'm kinda all over the place. So I hope you're feeling ok now :-)

    P.S. Love the red bad and the new header :-)

  2. SO I thought you should know we BASICALLY HAVE THE SAME SHADES.
    That peter pan coller top is freaking ADORABLE. I'm kind of jealous... a little :) I'm really loving this new layout too! first thing I noticed <3 Good luck with your midterms next week! I have my first 2 ap exams next week, so I'll be sending you good vibes! xo

  3. You're so adorable Jasmine! I love your new sunnies, they're lovely! Oh I almost bought that blouse at regular price a few weeks back! Detachable peter pan collars would be lovely, I'm sensing a DIY here! Aww don't worry Jasmine, I'm sure it's a combination of anticipation for summer and the end of the semester stress :( I'm feeling the exact same way too, but at least you have Robert to comfort you! I love your new layout, it's cute (especially that little sailboat at top)!

  4. The peter pan collar looks perfect on you! And I feel like this all of the time, especially since I rarely see my friends due to a hectic work schedule, I'm just lucky I live with my best friend and my boyfriend so I feel somewhat connected to the outside world. I hope you feel better soon little lady!

  5. I LOVE Peter Pan collars! I believe you can buy detachable ones on Etsy. Life is an interesting as you make it, I guess. There isn't a lot of time for fun when you're bogged down with school and work but I get so much enjoyment from reading fiction before bed or on my lunch hour at work. If I have to be stuck somewhere mundane for a little bit it's nice to escape sometimes. : )

    I do hope you feel better, soon. Also, that top is SO CUTE!!!

  6. Oh, yes, and the new layout is awesome!

  7. So cutely nautical your outfit is! Your new layout matches your personality so well! So beachy and fun.

    It's so sad how the younger crowd is stressed out. This is a time in your life where things shouldn't be stressful. I'm lucky to live in another time. I hope you're able to pull yourself out of this funk, Jasmine. There's so much excitement to join out there!

  8. that peterpan collar top is so cute on you!!! :D

  9. amazing look
    love all the pieces

  10. I know the feeling, I get mood swings like that all the time. I'm currently having them and my mum seems to be bugged about it ... but yeah, you can't help it.

    I love your outfit! It's so simple and cute. The skirt ... is awesome

    Oh and I'm now following you, hope that's alright (kind of new in the blogspot world).

  11. I am so glad I come across your blog. Love it. :]
    I am obsessed with peter pan colors and this one looks darling on you :]
    I love the skirt as well.
    And since my aviators broke, I now feel a sudden need to go out and get myself some wayfers!
    And by the way, I definitely know how you feel. I always have this sense that my life is significantly more dull than other bloggers, but I guess I've just gotten used to the idea as a college student.

  12. Oh, I hope things mellow out and you come to good middle with your feelings! :)

    Lovely outfit, I agree, adding sunglasses makes everything much cooler. I don't wear them often then, I love my glasses too much and I don't like walking around not being able to see anything...
    The peter-pan collar gives everything a nice sweet look! :)

  13. When I was in Chicago, I picked up that top.. and wanted to buy it.. and didn't! I picked up some flimsy black shorts instead, but gosh, do I love that top! It's stunning! You're so cute, girl. Miss you!

  14. That top is so adorable, I love it. I hope you find yourself soon, I know the feeling.

  15. I've had those feelings before - actually this week and day have been full of those feelings. But don't worry about your life being uneventful. Soon enough, all of your goals will be right in front of you and your life will be exactly what you pictured it and you won't even know how you got there. Savor the moment and the journey. =)

    Oh and re: your comment, those were our thoughts exactly - no such thing as bad press ;)

    Hope you're well darling xoxo

  16. it is ok to feel down, but do feel better soon bb! i think your blog is charming. :)

  17. I hope you're feeling better soon! That shirt with the peter pan collar is perfect

    lovelove, M.

  18. I really hope you feel better soon. You have a fantastic blog, I always get so excited when I see that you've posted. I love your outfit, and the sunglasses are so chic.

  19. we're on the same boat! i've been having mood swings lately and all I wanted to do was yell at people!hahaha.. but you're right, reality TV is the best cure for mood swings. for me, it's antm!:p love the new shades, jasmine! i wish i could pull off that wayfarer-aviator hybrid model, but i can't because my face is big!:( anyway, loving the outfit as always. we should really combine our combine our stripes collection and build a museum! hahaha :D

  20. hi! just wanted to say that i lovelovelove the collar on your top, so cute!