Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Spring 2012 Inspiration

It's hard not to associate Spring with florals, bright colors, and pastels, but I think this season I'm dreaming more of slouchy and relaxed blouses and cropped pants (even though I don't really wear pants, I kind of want to now). I've been really digging polka dots lately too. I feel like my style is on the verge of an evolution because I'm just not feeling my closet or the places that I usually shop at (except for Gap) anymore. Unfortunately, I begrudgingly just paid a $400+ speeding ticket (though I don't think I deserved it...ugh), so I can't do too much shopping at the moment. In any case, I've been too busy to have time for it anyway. I'm so excited for Spring! Spring is my favorite season for many reasons: 1) it means you have survived Winter--you can take that in the literal or metaphorical sense; 2) I adore flowers and seeing the world bloom; 3) Spring weather is filled with my favorite 75-degree days here in SoCal; and 4) romance and bliss just seem to fill the air.

PS. Happy Leap Year!

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  1. Cute pics! I have been feeling polka dots and cropped pants for spring too :) I really like the outfit of the girl in the middle with the red background (she's wearing a hat, cropped pants and a coral belt-love!)

  2. wohoo I love the reasons you made why spring being your favorite season (me too!). Spring means summer is getting closer! I can't wait to play all-day-along!
    anyway, adorable pics you shared here, I love the first picture <3
    Happy day, Jasmine!


  3. Hi! i love all the styles on this post. Just in time for our summer season. I am inspired, thanks!

  4. chanced upon your blog ans enjoy reading it! :)