Monday, February 13, 2012

In the Rough

This outfit--denim jacket and a dress--will probably be my Spring uniform and with the weather being perfect lately, I thought it'd be a good excuse to get used to it. I just love how non-fussy dresses are, and with my fieldwork beginning on Tuesday, I'll probably be in them for the next couple of weeks. Starting tomorrow I'll start my observation and volunteering in a real classroom. I'm super excited because it'll give me a real taste of my future as a teacher. My schedule is going to be super tight and hectic: fieldwork from 8-1; work from 1-6; and on Tuesday and Thursday nights, I have class. I don't mind so much though because my whole day will revolve around things I love--teaching and children. I feel a little more grown up lately because I've been putting my career above other things--relationships, free time, my blog, etc. This is the time for me to be a little selfish, and that's something I'm still getting used to. Don't worry though! I'll find a way to blog somehow.

Have a wonderful Valentine's Day tomorrow! Owl always love you ;)

Until next post,
denim jacket - thrifted
dress - modcloth (from nicole)
shoes - swedish hasbeens x h&m
belt - charlotte russe
ring - forever 21


  1. aw, i'm so happy for you! you really are a "growing up" and that's so exciting! wanna send that dress over for a swap? ;) hehehe. the owls are SOOO cute on you! i love it.

  2. Love that dress

  3. Jasmine, I'm sure I've told you this a bajillion times, but you are so adorable. :) Wishing you the best of luck with your journey in becoming a teacher. I'm sure you're fabulous with the kiddos.

    Happy Love Day tomorrow!! Owl always love you, too.

    xx Love & Aloha

  4. So excited for you! You'll have to keep us updated as to how it's going.

    Also, you have no idea how ridiculously jealous I am of your bare legs. I'm shivering in my fleece-lined tights.

    XOXO, Lindsey

  5. Good luck with everything! Sounds like a busy but very productive couple of weeks. And hopefully the weather stays sunny here in the OC so that we can wear our dresses (I too love that about dresses, usually one of the first sections I go to in a store)

  6. I really like the denim jacket over that dress look. xo

  7. Jasmine, it's great to see that you're taking your goals more seriously and still taking a bit of time for yourself. You're making great things happen. Keep it up!

  8. Oh, you make me want it to be spring so badly!!! It's not cold here, but it's not exactly warm either. Can't wait for the day when I can take off the tights :)

    Looking gorgeous as usual too :)

  9. Oh man, this makes me miss spring weather so much! This was totally my spring/fall uniform too - I so miss pairing my denim jacket with everything! And you are rocking that dress lady! :)