Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Magic is Might





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top - gap / skirt - uo / tights - gap / shoes - marais usa

Greetings Muggles!
This is what I wore to watch the midnight showing of Harry Potter last Thursday. I intended to buy a Deathly Hallows t-shirt from Hot Topic and tie it the same way before getting into line, but I should've known better to wait until the last minute since they were sold out of the good ones so I settled with a Quidditch key chain instead. At least my nails were festive. Robert teased me for having ketchup and mustard nails, but I didn't care and later felt better when the girls next to us in line saw my nails and decided to paint their own nails scarlet and gold too.

It was raining earlier that morning which explains the tights, but strangely it became really hot later that afternoon. It was pretty uncomfortable sitting in the sun with tights on; but once the sun set and it became chilly, I was glad I decided to wear them. This was my first midnight premiere ever so Robert and I were a little ill-prepared. Luckily, this mall has all my favorite stores: UO, F21, H&M, Target, and Barnes and Nobles; so we made our way to Target for snacks and patio chairs, and Barnes and Nobles for drinks, games, and books. Monopoly Deal is such a good game that I recently learned. With these, Harry Potter audio books on my iPod, and Harry Potter movies on Robert's Macbook, we were set. We started lining up after lunch and ended up getting a really good seat in the theater. The movie was so good. So so so good. I'm so sad that there are no more movies to look forward to, but I'll never truly say goodbye to Harry Potter. Rereading the series and having a HP movie marathon is always an annual tradition that I foresee continuing forever. I can't wait to get the trunk set of DVDs. I have been holding off buying any of the movies so I can get them all as a set. Robert already knows that this is what I want for my birthday, Christmas, or our next anniversary depending on when it comes out.

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  1. Jasmine, you and Robert are adorbs as heck!!! Cute patooties. :D

    I can't wait to watch Harry Potter!! It really is bittersweet that it's ending, but still very exciting. Hopefully, I can get to the theater this weekend.

    I like what you chose to wear. :) And your nails are too cuuuute.

    Here's to a great week!

    xx Love & Aloha

  2. I went to the midnight premiere as well. I have never actually been to a midnight premiere either, but it was amazing. The theater was full and there were actually several people dressed up. I only wore my hp inspired scarf.
    And I do hp marathons with my friends as well.
    And your right, harry potter doesn´t end here. I plan on rereading the books and watching the movies again as well. Plus, we´ll always have Pottermore.

  3. Eek! You're so adorable, I love your HP inspired outfit. Monopoly deal is good, but Bananagrams is even better, and then there's Catan, oh my god I'm a board game fiend. Haahaha, I'm jealous that you got to see the midnight premiere... I'm not that intense, unfortunately. Books are what strike my fancy :)!

  4. aww love your harry potter festiveness! i was sad that i didn't have any festiveness on me when we went but whatever the movie was the best everr.

    i agree i can never say goodbye to harry, i need to start rereading the books and rewatching the movies asap! yeah i have the first two on dvd and held off on buying the rest too. i can't wait to get them but i'm scared at how much they are gonna be especially since i want them on blu ray haha

    i remember that rain. it made my car dirty (still is dirty haha)!

  5. Ketchup and mustard- that cracks me up! But I think scarlet and gold are a better suit :) the festivenesss is great! Like how you knotted your top (will be stealing this idea).

  6. Wow, you're a true fan! I didn't go to the midnight premiere because I knew I wouldn't survive the chaos, so I went on Saturday (which surprisingly wasn't too crowded!)

    I was just gonna ask how could you wear tights in the middle of summer! So jealous, it's friggin hot in here! :(

    Love how you tied a knot on your top :)


  7. i am finally going to see Harry today! woohoo!
    we wanted to wait till there wasn't a huge crowd..i don't like people..haha..jk!
    i have said it once and i will say it again...you are so flipping beautiful. plus, that picture of you two is melting my heart..awwww!!! ;P
    i have that skirt and i love it to death..i wish i had gotten it in more colors. oh well.

  8. Love the matching nails :)

    I remember slurping lots and lots of milkshakes while waiting for one of the books to come out at midnight. Fun :)

  9. Haha, so cute that your movie night turned into an impromptu shopping spree, too! And I love the little t-shirt knot - it makes this whole look ace! I'm sure it would've been more awesome with a Deathly Hallows shirt, but the plain white tee does the trick too. (;

    I'm still so sad that the movies (and books) are over, but like you said, we'll never say goodbye to Harry. Not really. (: