Sunday, November 28, 2010

Separate Ways





I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend! After stuffing my face with tons of food on Thursday, my brother and I set out Black Friday shopping at 8:30 am, which is pretty late compared to others, but we still managed to make it to Gap's 50% off everything sale (it ended at 10 am). I stocked up on basics: two v-neck tees, two striped sweaters, and four pairs of tights. I almost got a cardigan and I kind of regret not getting it now...especially since we waited an hour and a half in line to check out, but they passed out 40% off coupons for every week in the month of December so I'm sure I'll be using those. Gap has definitely become my new favorite store. After waiting so long in line at Gap, we were too exhausted to really shop afterward, so we got lunch and then went home, where I did a bit of online shopping. I can't wait to get everything and wear them!

Yesterday, I celebrated Thanksgiving with friends and this is what I wore. I wanted to wear an outfit that was easy to slip on and off while shopping, yet still decent to wear to a party afterward. I helped out my best friend with her project, and then we shopped for a bit where I scored some goodies at H&M. I then went to a party at a friend's house where the majority of my high school group was reunited. It was definitely fun to see how far we've come and to see that despite all the drama that happened through out the years, we all managed to turn out alright, possibly for the better because of it all. Somewhere in between all the eating and celebrating, I managed to change up my blog layout too. It's still a work in progress, but what do you think?

Tell me all about your Thanksgiving weekend!

Until next post,

outfit: cardigan -- j crew; dress -- uo; tights -- target; shoes -- topshop; bow -- etsy


  1. you know what's hilarious? on black friday i meant to set my alarm for 5am but instead i set it for 5pm so i didn't wake up until 8. and at 8:30 i was going to head over to the mall but then the radio told me there was a 50% off everything at gap before 10am so i rushed over there instead. so in our own parts of the country, we were heading towards gap at 8:30 am. :)

    you look adorable in this dress and it was seriously made just for this cardigan! and i'm a fan of your layout changes!

  2. that dress is so cute! Bows AND stripes in the same article of clothing? Score!
    I can't wait to see what you've scored at H&M + Gap... the only "black friday" shopping I did was online annnnd we had an amazing black friday city-wide garage sale that happened on saturday...but yeah. I'm not a mall person. I would have loved to check out the gap 50% off sale for some cardigans though...

    in her stilettos-an austin fashion blog

  3. We had the same idea with red tights! :) Hehe, you're so cute. I love it with the navy stripes and your little bow is just adorable. :D :D

    Ahh! Old Navy. I haven't been there in a while, you're making me want to go. I'm superglad to hear that you got some neat things! I'm happy I went shopping on Black Friday too-- I got a sequin michael jackson jacket!~

  4. Such a brilliant outfit! Love it. The detail on the collar of your dress, the bright tights and your cute bow - just gorgeous :)

    You are the queen of cardigans :D I really want to take a leaf out of your book, I got three which I wear all the time. I am dying for some variety!

    Great layout. Simple, easy to navigate/read. :)

  5. Hello! I love your outfit! Very Cute! I want to get some fun colored tights (seeing as I only have black right now) so I will have to check out target! i love that store! Thanksgiving was pretty good for me! My nana came down and we (my mum, dad, & i, and nana) stuffed our faces! I stayed up that night and we headed out to Black Friday! We got to Wal-Mart and there were people camping in wal-mart. People were sleeping in different aisles waiting for the deals to start! it was so crazy! dad and i also headed to best buy and stood in line from two to 4. it was a mess there but we got what we wanted, so it was all good! i'm pretty sure that that was my last black friday for a long time...well at least until i'm married which will be years from now, lol!

    anywhoo, i love the blog layout. so clean and chic. it's wonderful!
    hope you are well!

  6. Ahhh darn you for black friday shopping. I am so jealous!! :( Can't way to see all your purchases and the many more to come <3 Lovin' the latest layout changes and GIRL THIS OUTFIT IS SO BLOODY ADORABLE. I just want to cuddle you! As weird as that sounds... Robert, you have competition :P!

  7. You look as sweet as pumpkin pie (too corny?) hehe... Anyways, I'm glad you go to head over to Gap for their amazing sale! I missed it all. I had to work a very long day.

  8. Happy Thanksgiving American cousin!

    I love your little dress!!! I haven't been to The Gap in years but I should check it out as you always look lovely!

    Also, I have a package ready for you but school has been so hectic so I haven't shipped it yet - soon! I was making you something so it took a little longer than I would have liked. I hope you're doing well!!

  9. omg!!! i wish our boxing day deals this year will be as good as yours over their in the states. (boxing day CANADA = black friday USA).

    cant wait to see all your new items!!
    looking really so cute in that dress and red tights!! :D

  10. I love your red tights!!! I went black friday shopping too, but I was crazy and got there at 4:25am...I totally forgot to go to Gap! I heard that their sale was awesome. Sounds like you got some great stuff!

    ~Kirstin Marie

  11. HI! I'm new here and I love your blog! Your are so cute and I love all your outfits! Very cute and girly! I really like the red tights...I wish I had the guts to try them out for myself..


  12. no early waking/shopping for me this year. i hit up target though at around 12:00 haha. still managed to find what i wanted though which was a total plus even if it was only one thing. sad that i didn't buy any clothes though. can't wait to see your purchases!

  13. Cute dress, Jasmine! I really love the stripes and the bow on the collar, and the red tights look great! Sadly I missed the Black Friday sales, but I'm glad to hear you scored at Gap! I love how simple and clean your blog layout is! Love it!

  14. Hi Jasmine, I'm new to your blog and have loved reading all the back entries. I think the layout is great - so clean & simple! I also love the combination of grey & red in this outfit; so cute! As a Canadian I will admit that I'm a teeny bit envious of American Thanksgiving ;). Oh how we could use a holiday in November.

  15. Like I said before, your outfits keep getting better and better! Congrats on your loot; I bet they're all drool-worthy. (:

  16. Olha.. Tenho uma roupa muito parecida com essa.. Legal *.*
    E vocĂȘ realmente ficou linda nela, adorei :)
    Beijos, @beellem

    Wow, you speak English .. Sorry, translation:

    Look .. I have an outfit very similar to this .. Cool *.*
    And you really was beautiful in it, loved it:)
    Kisses, @ beellem