Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Edge of Desire

This sweater. I cannot get enough of this sweater! I wore this outfit shamelessly two days in a row, because it's the best outfit to try to write papers in. I'm pretty sure I've fallen for stripes again because in the midst of buying Christmas presents on Saturday, I somehow ended up getting two striped sweaters for myself. It's the last week of classes and all I want to wear are cozy sweaters and skinny jeans. I'm so relieved this quarter will be over as of 10AM today. It has been the longest one yet, and I feel like from now 'til graduation, it'll be so much easier, especially since I'll be spending more time at fieldwork with my students instead of in a stuffy classroom. My first order of business of winter break? To finish Christmas shopping! I'm having so much fun buying gifts for other people, and I seriously have so many people to thank for being so supportive this year. Like my friend Jen, who I met in class but clicked with because we both didn't do an assignment, made me this bracelet for my birthday. The fish is made of actual fish bones, and knowing that I love the beach a little more than a lot, she picked it so that I could always have a piece of the ocean with me. Well now I do, and I also have a piece of her with me too. My anchor bracelet broke a little while back so now I wear the anchor around my neck.

Until next post,
cardigan - irene's story
t-shirt - stylemint
jeans - gap
shoes -aldo
watch - nordstroms
rings - jewelmint
sunglasses - raybans


  1. This sweater is absolutely gorgeous on you! And for some reason the trees mixed with the red stripes in your sweater puts me in a Christmas spirit : )

  2. I love this sweater too! Slouchy cardi's/sweaters are basically made for finals week (and sold around that time too...coincidence? I think NOT). Hoping your quarter finishes up nicely!

  3. Your cardigan. I love it so I don't blame you for living in it. I would pretty much live in it too. I've been obsessed with my cardigan and skinny jeans combo lately, haha. I adore the little fish bracelet too! The "Other Jen" has awesome taste. ;)

    Yay for being on winter break! SO JEALOUS.

  4. Stripes are the best! That sweater you have on looks soo comfy! God I'm actually dreading Christmas shopping even though I love it. I'm one of those last minute stress shopper. If I'm not under pressure, I'll just be messing around looking at everything. Anyway hope you find everything!


  5. um CUTE sweater! I'm in love!!! You in pants is just too great. I'm in love. And look at you being the tripod pro. Also, I'm in love with the landscape picture of you looking down.

  6. look at you in jeans, yet again!!! looking so comfy chic in this!!
    i envy your weather!!!

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  7. Oh my! That is a fabulous sweater! Skinny jeans and big, comfy sweaters are my go-to paper writing outfit as well. Is there anything better? ;)

  8. Cute cardigan! Your fish bracelet is also so cute :)

  9. I love this sweater! the colors are fantastic, so autumn-y. and its so cool that the bracelet is actually made of fish bones-I really like the concept of having a bit of the ocean with yourself at all times xx

    a thousand million words

  10. That cardigan is AMAZING! I love the contrast of the stripes! Congrats on finishing the quarter, and hope you're enjoying your holiday break!

  11. I LOVE THAT SWEATER! I've missed you. ♥ I missed blogging. WHEEEEEE.