Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Good To Be Alive

I'm pretty sure my friends and you are sick of seeing me in this denim jacket, but I can't help that it goes with everything! I can't help that it was also the perfect outerwear for Sunday's trip to Disneyland. My friend, Andrea, and I found this Wilderness Explorer Park that reminded me of Central Park in the bustling city of New York, because in the midst of all the craziness of Disneyland, you can come here for some peace and quiet. And if I'm lucky, someday I'll get to meet Russell from UP! It's on my Disneyland Bucket List to get a picture with him. While taking these pictures for me, my friend Andrea commented at how confident I seemed while having my pictures taken. This idea of having confidence, and enough of it where it's noticeable, is new to me, and I've been wondering since Sunday if I actually really have it or if I've just become comfortable in front of a camera after blogging for 3+ years. It's probably a little bit of both. Over the weekend, I remembered just how great my life is, and it wasn't just because I was at Disneyland, but it was also because I have so much to look forward to. Because I'm normally a half-empty kinda girl, it's so easy, especially when I'm stressed, to look past the good things that are happening and focus only on the work to be done or the things that aren't happening or should be happening. On Friday, I received the details of my next student teaching placement that begins in April. I'll be at the same school, but I'll be in a first grade classroom! I'm so excited because that means I can still see my third graders and because I love the school I'm at. Friday was also my last official day with my third graders, but I'm going in an extra week because I adore them so much. They surprised me with this huge gift basket, where they donated supplies for my future classroom. I am seriously so blessed. As crazy as this year has been, it has easily been the best year of my life! It's crazy that graduation is in 50-something days.

Life is only just beginning.

Until next post,

jacket - gap
jeans - gap
shirt - nordstrom
shoes - reflection
necklaces - forever 21
watch - jewelment

photos by andrea


  1. Confidence is always good! Love the pretty, muted shades in this outfit!


  2. loving this optimism from you, jasmine!! :D
    the muted tones in this outfit is so lovely.. and yes, i can totally see the confidence too!! :D

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  3. You do look super confident!! I am a huge fan of your blog! You go girl!

  4. love the color palette here. kind of want to give it a try now. :)

    amen fashion, xo

  5. that necklace is so cute! I love it. and naaaahhh we'll never get tired of that denim jacket :]

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  7. Congratulations on everything, Jazzy. You deserve it :o)

    I hope that we can finally meet up one of these days! x

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  10. congrats on the student teaching placement! Of course you can't help wearing that denim jacket again and again, it matches everything and looks good on anything :)

    Lemon Kitty (I just really like cats okay)