Monday, February 10, 2014

Didn't Know I Was Lost

Fresh starts aren't limited to just the new year--they can happen any day and everyday. For a greater part of January, I let dark thoughts eat away at my zeal for life. I started questioning my career choice and who I was--the typical quarter life crisis symptoms. It wasn't until two weeks ago while standing in a dressing room in a dress that was too small for me that I realized that I needed to take my life back and stop giving other people, especially those who hurt me, the power to control my life and my emotions. I was out of excuses for myself, and so I started taking better care of myself: running/hiking more frequently, eating better foods, putting more thought in my outfits, and learning to say no. I feel like I'm slowly getting myself back together, and I'm becoming the person I want to be. Maybe it's because I was in such a dark place mentally, but I've taken a recent liking to all things black and grey.

I spent part of last weekend exploring The Orange Circle with an old friend, Tina. We got coffee inside of a bank and passed by some cute little shops. Next to a Starbucks, we stumbled upon this little grungey gem of an alley and met a poet who was taking his head shots there. It felt nice to feel like I was someplace else for a little while, even though we were still in sunny Orange County. 

Until next post,

photos by tina


  1. aawww adorable, dear!!! I'm so glad to see you here again!! :D

    Animated Confessions

  2. So glad to see a new post from you. Hope your new year just keeps getting better :]