Thursday, August 08, 2013

Acid Wash


Isn't it ridiculous how much power a small, or not-so-small pimple can have over how you feel about yourself or how your day goes? You can't really see it in these photos, but I currently have a pretty big one near my nose. No amount of concealer or foundation could make it go away. I hate to admit it but I almost let it ruin my day. While getting ready, I tried on many outfits that would've otherwise been okay to go out in, but I kept focusing on my pimple. I could've probably been wearing head-to-toe Chanel and I would've still just seen the big, red pimple. My discard pile was bigger yesterday than it had been in a while, and the last time it was this big, I was having body-image issues. I remember even thinking putting off resuming outfit photos until the pimple went away. But a few discarded tops later, I remembered this one in all of its acid wash glory, and so I piled on some accessories (including sunglasses that would cover the evil pimple) and curled my hair, and I was ready for lunch with a friend. And then I remembered that this is why I liked blogging about what I wear--because the right outfit can just make you feel like you don't have a pimple on your face.

Until next post,
cardigan - gap
top - tazga
shorts - marshalls
sandals - target
rings - brandy melville
necklace - forever 21
watch - nordstroms
bracelet - love fashion


  1. I totally agree! A great outfit really can impact your mood for the day. And I am so glad you're back! I missed reading your blog while you were finishing up school. I feel like your writing is so real and relatable and one of my favorite blogs by far! And good luck with teaching! I'm sure you'll rock it after all that hard work!

    1. Thank you for your kind words! I wish that you had a blog that I could visit to see what you're up to, but seriously, thank you for the support! <3

  2. I totally understand! Some days, no matter how many outfits I put on, I don't feel like I look good enough to walk out the door till I have the 'right' outfit, whether it be because of a pimple or just the fact that I woke up on the wrong side of the bed haha! Your outfit is lovely (I'm especially in love with that top btw), and I'm glad you had a great day in the end! Have a lovely weekend!

  3. super cute shorts, i really love them!


  4. I definitely dress according to how I'm feeling – like you said, so many outfits that would have been lovely to go outside in but didn't just do it for me. But then, finding the 'right' outfit always makes everything more pleasant, acne and all. I'm glad you found your right outfit for the day and I hope you have a lovely end to your week xx

  5. aaahh yes. pimple or no pimple that acid wash top is a head turner! :D I'm like that too with my acne. lucky for you, you only have one.. as a teen, i constantly had it and now, i have these nasty scars. don't worry jasmine.. just don't pick them and it should dry up soon! :D you look lovely whatever happens! :D

  6. You look lovely. I love your outfit.