Wednesday, July 17, 2013

At The Beginning

As of now, I possess a teaching credential. I've graduated and am finishing up the last two weeks of my program. I'm in the job hunting process right now--had a second interview with a school yesterday, and will have a third interview with another school on Friday. This has got to be the most nerve-wrecking, but exciting time of my life. I am having a hate/love relationship with the notion that I just have to go with the flow with whatever life hands me, at least for now. The ending of my student life and the beginning of my career is bittersweet. Hasn't my whole life lead up to this point? All the AP classes and extracurricular activities in high school, all the part-time jobs and internships during and post- undergrad--everything has led up to my growing up, and working in the real world. Everything is starting to come together, and I'm scared and excited. I definitely needed a break from all of this so last week, I escaped to Pasadena to spend the day with a friend. We grabbed lunch, hiked to the Griffith Observatory, ate Early Grey Tea ice cream, and satiated my cravings for pizza and milk tea. I've missed blogging, and so this brick wall made the perfect backdrop for a few snapshots of everything I'm loving at this moment--light jackets, high waisted shorts, breezy tanks, triangle jewelry, and minimalistic sandals. My style has definitely changed over the course of this year and I regret not having documented it, but I'm hoping now that school is winding down, I can blog again.

How are you all doing? Tell me what you've been up to this Summer!

Until next post,
jacket - gap
top - zara
necklace - forever 21
shorts - forever 21
sandals - target

photos by marilyn


  1. I am in the same place as you. Trying to find a job to start my career, interviews, and keeping focused even though I don't know where I'll be next week or next month. It's exciting and scary, and I'm ready to start!

    I'm glad to see you back to blogging, also. Your top is adorable, and I like the necklace paired with it.

    Best of luck to you on everything!

  2. Missed you Jasmine! Glad to hear you're on the verge of exciting new things. Love you, lady!

  3. yay that's so great to hear! i've missed you jasmie, and you are looking lovelier and happier than ever. <3

  4. I've missed seeing you appear on my Bloglovin dash and this put a smile to my face. Good luck on the job hunt and I hope you get to discover new things life has to offer, unpredictable or not!

  5. i missed you a lot jasmine!! :D but it's nice to hear about all these exciting things happening to you! :D
    gotta love that top!!! polka dot front and striped back, that's awesome! :D totally can't wait to see more blog posts from you soon.

    Animated Confessions

  6. Good to see you back!

  7. good luck, lolicup!