Tuesday, September 16, 2014

New Blog!

It's kind of ironic that the last time I posted on this blog I talked about fresh starts. I still stick by what I said back in February--that fresh starts aren't limited to just the new year, and so with a not-so-heavy heart, I have decided to start a new blog with my partner in crime, Brandon. I will always think fondly back to Transient Withdrawal and how it helped me grow so much as a person; however, you can't start the next chapter of your life if you are re-reading the last one. And sometimes I felt I was literally re-reading the last one here. 

The girl who started this blog wasn't sure of who she was and what she liked or disliked. She didn't know where she was going in life. She had a distorted view of love and had naive expectations about life. And while the girl who is leaving this blog is still very much those things, she's just a little bit more sure of who she is, and what she likes or dislikes. She knows just a little better about where she wants her life to go. She's still unsure of what love is and may still have naive expectations about life. She's really not all that different, but she's stronger, more unapologetic, and closer to figuring it all out. 

So please join me in my new adventures! I have missed you all very much!