Tuesday, June 01, 2010

No Surprise


Can someone explain why it's June in Southern California and I'm still considering wearing tights in the morning? I'm supposed to be melting even in this outfit by now, but it's currently 65 degrees. I'm so confused.



I hope you all had a wonderful long weekend! I know I did. On Friday, I was reunited with my bestie and we caught up while shopping. I bought this top from F21. It's my first wide-striped top, but I think I'm going to return it since I found a better one at UO for about the same price. I showed her my blog too and she loves it (Hi Kristine if you're reading this!)! I spent Sunday afternoon at Robert's place gnawing on a cheese pizza, sipping on Arizona Green Tea, and cuddling with him on the couch while watching "UP!" aka my favorite movie. No matter how many times I watch that movie, I still crack up at all the cute and funny parts and still get on the verge of tears when Ellie dies (I cried the first time I saw it). I definitely want to do a photoshoot of some sort inspired by the movie. A couple has even based their engagement photos on this movie.


Photobucket Photobucket


Yesterday, Robert and I did a bit of shopping. I scored these sandals at UO for $10 and a dress at F21 for $8, but I don't think I'll debut that until...my birthday or whenever Robert and I go on a date. It finally feels like summer is about to start because I found a cute pair of sandals for the season. Excuse the band-aid, I stubbed my toe on Robert's foot. I'm so clumsy! I know I'm so late in getting this necklace but when it was in the box of goodies Aimi sent over, I got so excited because I remember how I used to want one.

The long weekend really couldn't have come at a better time. I'm feeling so refreshed and I think I'm ready to tackle the next 9 days of intense studying. Good luck to those who have finals!

Until next post,

outfit: striped top--f21; royal blue skirt, sandals--uo; glasses necklace--courtesy of aimi boutique

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To accompany this post, Jess has tagged me in a little questionnaire...
1. What shoe size are you? 7/8 depending on the shoe; I think my feet are growing actually...Kind of frustrating because I can never order shoes online anymore (which is good for my wallet).

2. Where do you work? Concession stand at a movie theater--not the most glamarous or fashion-related (our uniforms are hideous!) job, but it pays for my shopping addiction and Robert and I get free movies.

3. Favorite piece of clothing you own. This is tough...I can't choose so I'm just going to give you a top five: a) my white and black striped top from H&M that I wear pretty much every week (seen in last post); b) my royal blue UO skirt because it goes with every shirt I have; c) my anchor printed t-shirt from UO; d) my clock-locket necklace from AE; and e) the items that I'm about to get in the mail...!

4. Your favorite blog? Again, this is tough; so besides the obvious ones (ie. Calivintage; The Clothes Horse), I'll give you a top five: Selective Potential, Jennifhsieh, A Thought is the Blossom, Hedvig, and last but not least, Idée Géniale. More favorites are listed on the left.

5. Do you have any pets? Nope, but in the future, Robert and I are going to own three dogs to make up for the lack of pets in my childhood: one welsh corgi that I will name Stumpy, one bulldog that I'll name Bowser, and one newfoundland that I will name Snorlax. If there's a pet store at the mall, we'll always stop by and I always walk out with a new dog to add to the list.

6. How many siblings do you have? One younger brother.

7. If you could live anywhere, where would it be? In a beach house in Newport Beach, CA. I love the beach and cannot imagine not being near one.

8. What were you doing before this? Taking outfit photos for you!

9. Your favorite food? Again, I cannot choose...So, I'll just give you a top five: a) chocolate covered pretzels; b) cookies n' cream ice cream; c) french fries; d) Korean BBQ; and e) seafood.

10. Do you have a middle name? Yes, Tien-Roe, which is my Chinese name.

11. Your favorite websites? Blogs, Chictopia, Tumblr, Youtube, and Urban Outfitters

12. Who do you tag? Kristy from Monochromachic and Bestie from The Capricious Club


  1. Love the outfit, blue is my favorite color ever to wear and to paint on the walls :) You yourself are so stunning :)

    Ive never watched the movie up all the way through but I did see the beggining and I cried too. hahha, I love that photoshoot, thats tooo cute :0


  2. I love UP too! I cry at the long extended scene where it's just music and we get to see their entire lives unfold and I always cry at the little moments like when they are disappointed that they can't have children or I remember a scene where they are sitting on a hill together and it makes me mist up. It's such a wonderful movie--it gets at the core of what forms joy in our lives without being saccharine and cheesy. I'd love to see a photoshoot inspired by UP!!

    xo Jenny

    PS--Cute necklace!

  3. aaww you look adorable, hun! :D i love all this new stuff you have!!! and im excited to see the new goodies! :D

  4. Yay for Up! I've only seen it once on a plane ride to HK, and I remember crying on the plane! I love that idea of a photoshoot based on the film! I'm sensing a lot of balloons will be needed :) Wide stripes are so adorable on you! Haha I like how you said you're going to name a pet Snorlax. I've always wanted to name my pets after Pokemon.

  5. aww you look ready for summer! i'm loving those sandals. and i adore that up-inspired wedding photoshoot! he's even wearing the grape soda bottle cap pin! :)

    and i adore welsh corgis and bulldogs. and i highly approve of the name snorlax. ahahaha <3

  6. Excuse me miss, what movie theater do you work at? Who cares if it's glamorous, as long as you have great perks it's all good!

    And I'm digging the stripped shirt, it has such a great nautical feel.

  7. Your necklace and shoes are awesome :)

    And I'm pretty jealous of your employment status, even if it's at the movie theater! It certainly beats unemployment!

  8. love your sandals! that color is so pretty!

    ah i love the movie up! made me cry like a little girl! my sister showed me those engagement photos before and all i could say was "awwwww" because the photos were just so gorgeous and the theme was just perfect.

  9. I was wondering what was up with the weather in SoCal as well when a friend reminded me it's the June Gloom. This is only my second year here so I'd forgotten. I'm with you on the wardrobe confusion though!

    Love the sandals- gorgeous color. I'm such a sucker for cute, flat sandals.

  10. I adore that little necklace! And I'm feeling frustrated by weather, too. Today it was rainy, then sunny, then rainy...I'm confused! And I hate being bare-legged, but the humidity is just going to force me to be so...sigh! Love, Annie.

  11. It's been really windy lately over in San Diego too! I wore a skirt out to-day and went out and didn't get home until the sun went down and I was freezing! Its so weird! Though I suppose when it does get warm we'll be wishing for this weather! :)
    I love Pixar movies! I went to see Up in theaters and felt a little awkward considering I'm almost 20! Hah!
    Lovely outfit! The stripes are very summery--if it only it would come!

  12. Omgosh thanks for tagging me, at least I have something to blog about! Haha.

    I love that you already have your future pets named. (: AND I totally cried when Ellie died, too. I was like, Is this normal, crying at the start of a movie?! Haha. But it's definitely one of the best animated flicks around. <3

    And finally, you look darling as ever in those stripes! It's definitely become your thing -- and I love it. (:

  13. I can just imagine looking in your wardrobe and it being full of stripes. Everytime I come on here you have different stripes here.

  14. I love stripes. I am all the way in Trinidad and I have that same top and I love it to pieces. Got in the mail last week. You look lovely as always.

  15. I love your necklace! It's so cuuuuute <3

    An $8 dress?! Omgg can't wait to see it =D

    Good luck with your finals =D I have eight days until my first mid year exam =S

  16. Yay I got tagged :D I'll do it in my next post, woohooo!

    1. LOVE THE NECKLACE! It looks simple but such a statement piece! It really compliments the outfit :)
    2. I LOVE bargains at UO. Every time I see a rack marked $9.99, I get super stoked! :D
    3. Arizona Green Tea is the bomb. A big can for 99 cents? I'm SOLD!
    4. I love UP, especially the dog. POINT! hahaha...


  17. You are so cute! I love your top and necklace especially, just adorable! :)

    Aya ♥ StrawberryKoi.blogspot.com

  18. That top and that necklace are so cute! It's so strange the stripes craze is here now. I was in Europe five years ago and seriously, if you did not have a striped shirt it was because you were a loser and everyone hated you and you didn't have a friend in the world... aka... every single person in Stockholm was wearing stripes.

    That questionnaire was really interesting!

  19. this look is so chic right now, and you had me at hello with the bright blue. look at me, i sound like Michael Kors on an episode of Project Runway! the necklace is right up my alley too. geeky & cool, thumbs up to that.

  20. aww I cried like a baby in Up!

    love your outfit, nautical and arty :)

    and despite the hot weather here i'm still wearing leggings! haha

  21. girl u look gorgeous!!!! love ur blog a lot!!!
    xoxo jenna

  22. I love the necklace! You are so cute! This blog is amazing! :)